Are you concerned about what you are eating?


The industrialisation of food production has resulted in a long series of ‘food scares’. No one seems to know what is safe to eat.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Organic food is grown to strict regulations, defined in law, which ban synthethic chemicals and genetically modified organisms, not only on the farm, but throughout processing, distribution and sale. Chemical-free agriculture also makes a very positive contribution to wildlife and the environment.

With only 1% of British farms organic, most organic food has to be imported, adding to ‘food-miles’ and cost. You can help to change this by growing your own organic fruit and vegetables.

Even if you don’t grow things to eat, going organic in your garden will help to create a poison-free haven for wildlife and your family.

If you are new to the idea of organic food, or would like support and help from local people who care about their health and the health of the planet, you will find a wealth of advice and ideas if you join Heart of England Organic Group.


Join Heart of England Organic Group 


  • meet like-minded people - who also care about what is happening to our food and environment
  • find out where to buy the whole range of organic foods
  • find out how to grow your own healthy food with nature on your side rather than as an enemy
  • get help and advice about how to deal with everyday problems without using poisons and synthetic chemicals
  • visit gardens and places of interest
  • receive newsletters with news and forthcoming events
  • spread the message that the planet needs everyone’s help if it is going to be able to continue supporting us and our children into the future.


The annual subscription is only £12 (under 18's free)


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